The Top Types of Home Inspections Buyers Should Know About

Wed, Oct 05, 2022 at 12:46PM

The Top Types of Home Inspections Buyers Should Know About

Most buyers schedule a standard home inspection before buying a home. This is a cursory inspection in which the inspector visually examines the most important features of the home. The inspector will look at the roof, foundation, HVAC system, plumbing and electrical systems, and other vital components.  

While this inspection is an important resource for homebuyers, you should also know about other types of home inspections. Here is a short list of common home inspections you may need for your home.

Radon Testing for Homes in Asheville, North Carolina

The presence of radon in your home can significantly increase your risk of lung cancer. In fact, the CDC shares that radon exposure is the

second leading cause of lung cancer, closely trailing tobacco smoking as the first leading cause. 

Radon is present in well water, soil, and some building materials, providing several opportunities for this gas to gain access to the home.

A long-term radon test can take up to 90 days and is something homeowners should have done every two years. If you’re

buying a home, ask the seller if they have had a radon test performed recently. If not, you can schedule a 48-hour test. After you take ownership, you should still have the 90-day test performed, as it is more accurate.

Termite Inspections Give the Buyer an Inside Look at the Frame

When buying homes in Asheville, North Carolina, you should plan on scheduling a termite inspection prior to closing on any home in the fast-moving

real estate market. 

This inspection looks for all wood-destroying organisms, including termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles. The wood-destroying organism (WDO) inspector will also look for signs of wood rot caused by fungus growth.

The inspection report will tell you about past infestations and trouble areas where an infestation is probable. The inspector will recommend steps to take to combat these issues if you decide to buy the home.

Mold Inspections Uncover Water Damage and Mold Growth

An inspection service that specializes in water damage and mold can also prove worthwhile. As you look for homes in Asheville, North Carolina, keep in mind that unseen parts of the home might have moisture accumulation and mold growth.

An inspector will use a moisture meter to identify excess dampness in the home. They will also test the air quality to check for mold spores in and around the home. 

Don’t Neglect the Foundation

Your inspector will take a cursory look at the foundation during a standard home inspection, but it’s always a good idea to hire a structural engineer for an in-depth foundation inspection.

The engineer will look for issues that could affect the foundation, including drainage concerns, overgrown tree roots near the home, and cracks in the foundation. 

Hire the Right Inspection Service

It’s important to do your research when hiring an inspector to perform one of these inspections. In many cases, an inspection service will specialize in one area, such as radon testing. Make sure you hire someone who is licensed and qualified to handle the type of inspection you want. This will help you get the best results.


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