Essential Tips to Prepare Your House for a Successful Showing

Mon, Jul 18, 2022 at 12:54PM

Essential Tips to Prepare Your House for a Successful Showing

When it comes time to sell your home, showing your property to potential buyers is a key part of that process. You don't want to just make your space beautiful — you want to make it a property your buyers can imagine themselves in, too! While you can’t read each buyer’s mind, there are some common things that all buyers look for in the home they want to buy.

Curb Appeal Sells Luxury Homes

Even if you have been diligent in caring for your yard and your home’s exterior, this is the time to give it a little extra love. 

Give the trim an extra coat of paint. Plant fresh flowers that are blooming in the current season. Replace fixtures, such as house numbers and the mailbox, for a newer appearance. Add a new welcome mat and potted plants by the front entrance.

Eliminate the Clutter

As buyers visit luxury homes for a showing, they will imagine themselves living in the house. That’s more difficult for them to do if your belongings are adding clutter. 

It might be helpful to rent a self-storage unit for anything your family isn’t currently using. This will help you empty out closet space and create the impression of larger living spaces, which will appeal to buyers in search of roomy, welcoming homes.

Keep It Clean

When you talk to any real estate agent about selling your home, one of the first things they will suggest is hiring cleaners. 

A professional cleaning crew will do a more thorough job cleaning your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas that are likely to gather gunk and stains. They will also have special supplies for removing pet odors and other unpleasant smells.

Make Minor Repairs

Making minor repairs is essential for creating a more beautiful (and successful!) showing. A potential buyer won’t notice that you replaced a broken lighting fixture, but they will definitely see that broken fixture if you leave it in its place. Small things that need repairs will stand out to buyers and give the impression that the home hasn’t been well maintained.

Stage Your Home

Before your first showing, you should take the time to stage your furniture to create more comfortable living spaces. Arrange your furniture to display more open space in each room without cluttering everything together. 

Each room should look natural, as though you have been living in the home just as it is. You can also add more mirrors and lighter curtains to maximize the natural light in each room.

Selling My Home with a Real Estate Agent

You can create a great showing by working closely with a real estate agent. An experienced agent who understands your market will know how to sell your home to buyers in your community. They will have a gift for recognizing your home’s best features and highlighting them to potential buyers!

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