How to Avoid 5 Common Home Inspection Issues

Wed, Oct 05, 2022 at 12:52PM

How to Avoid 5 Common Home Inspection Issues

It’s a standard practice for lenders to require homebuyers to schedule home inspections prior to proceeding with a real estate transaction. If an issue arises as a result of the home inspection, there might be delays in the sale of the property or the buyer may back out of the sale. 

You can avoid such situations by taking these steps to make sure your home is better prepared for an inspection.  

1. Remember that Pre-Sale Inspections Help Homes in Asheville, North Carolina, Sell Faster

While you’re not required to schedule a home inspection as the seller, doing so can benefit you. This is an opportunity for you to learn what the inspection will reveal to the buyer. As you learn about issues you previously didn't know about, you can fix those problems before they affect the sale of your home.

2. Schedule a Roof Inspection

Roof issues are common problems for sellers trying to list their homes in Asheville, North Carolina. An old roof that looks weak can even affect

your home’s appraised value. Even if your roof is fairly new, an inspection can uncover damage that might have escaped your attention. 

Since a home inspector will be more experienced in identifying roof issues, scheduling a closer inspection with your roofing contractor can help you make the necessary repairs.

3. Make Sure You Don’t Have a Pest Problem

Ask your pest control contractor to inspect and spray your home before listing it for sale. They can help you look for signs of infestations, and they can treat your home to get rid of unwanted pests. In particular, you’ll want to look for wood-burrowing insects that could otherwise destroy parts of your home’s frame.

4. Schedule an HVAC Inspection

Avoid a heating or cooling malfunction when you’re trying to sell your home by arranging a tune-up for the system. Your HVAC technician will help ensure your system will pass the close scrutiny of a home inspection. Even though you might regularly schedule tune-ups and inspections, an extra maintenance call can be worthwhile.

HVAC service will help you eliminate odors coming from your ducts, such as the smell of pet dander. They might also recommend adjustments and services to help the system run more quietly. These changes will help you present a more attractive house showing to buyers looking for homes in Asheville, North Carolina.

5. Get an Electrical Inspection to Avoid Safety Concerns

As we become a more technology-driven society, we make greater use of energy in our homes. For that reason, you might be using your home’s wiring differently than you did when you first bought the house. There might also be damage to your wiring or electrical panel.

An inspection will help you identify these issues and correct them. You’ll prevent safety issues that could affect the inspection and the buyer’s interest in your home. This is also an opportunity to ensure your home is using energy as efficiently as possible.

Prepare Your Home for the Market

As a seller, look for ways to help your home spend less time on the market. By preparing your home for an inspection, you’ll present a more enticing property to buyers. A potential buyer will be more interested in a home that won’t require additional work as soon as they take ownership. A move-in-ready home will always sell faster.


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