Discover A Summer Oasis With Homes For Sale In Asheville NC

Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 4:50PM

Discover A Summer Oasis With Homes For Sale In Asheville NC

Summer is finally here, and there’s no better place to spend the season — and, in our book, the entire year — than beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. Few places boast the blend of art, culture, and natural charm that our little slice of the South does. As your trusted real estate professionals with more than 25 years of experience serving the local area, we can help you find the best homes for sale in Asheville, NC! We can’t wait to start working with you. In the meantime, here are just a few things we love most about summer in Asheville.

Stroll Through A Lively Arts & Culture Scene
Now that many of us are finally returning to our favorite institutions of arts and culture, Asheville makes a natural first stop on any artsy itinerary! The city has been long loved for its commitment to concerts, art installations, and open-air destinations like the ultra-charming Biltmore Village where you can stroll an entire afternoon away with family by your side.

Get Back To Nature
In addition to being a major artistic heart of the Carolinas, Asheville is also home to plenty of natural allure. Do yoga as you enjoy sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains (talk about
relaxation), go for a hike, perfect your golf swing, or explore local gardens! Fresh air abounds and there are plenty of activities to discover. Whether this is your first trip or 50th, there’s always something new to discover.

Have Fun At Home
One of the things we love most about summers in Asheville is that even unwinding at home can feel like a fun family vacation or camping trip. Perhaps you live by the river and prefer to enjoy the view from a pair of cozy Adirondack chairs. Or maybe your backyard turns into a fun-filled bonfire with the help of s’mores ingredients, some quality company, and a handy fire pit! Whatever your favorite summer activity may be, you never need to travel very far to enjoy it from the comfort of your Asheville home.

Extend The Vacation Vibes All Year Long
While Asheville’s gorgeous weather, natural splendor, and artistic attractions help make it a great place to visit during the summer, you are sure to realize that it is just as amazing all year long — so even if your infatuation with the city begins with a trip, it might end with a permanent home. (So goes the story of many local residents.) Fortunately, as your Asheville real estate pros, we here at the Troy Flack Group can help you find a home that lends itself to the vacation mindset while still fulfilling all of your practical, everyday needs at the same time!

We hope that you have enjoyed this brief, virtual tour of summer in Asheville! Of course, there’s nothing like experiencing it for yourself — and we can’t wait for you to do exactly that. Call or visit the Troy Flack Group today to get started on making this one-of-a-kind stretch of Blue Ridge wonder your own.

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