Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Asheville Home This Spring

Wed, Apr 08, 2020 at 2:15PM

Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Asheville Home This Spring

Spring is on the horizon, and it’s the perfect time to get your home in shape and freshen it up with some interior TLC. Read on for some eye-catching yet affordable changes you can easily make to give you that new season and new home feel.

Spring Cleaning

First and foremost, before a rehaul on your interior design this spring, you should start with some good old-fashioned spring cleaning. The first step of this is deep cleaning – you know, the kind that you only really do once a year.

To begin, start by dusting virtually everything before you start using cleaning agents, from your fan blades to your bookcases. You should wipe down or vacuum your walls and ceilings; you’d be surprised how much dust and dirt build up on them. Clean all of the mirrors and windows, and if the windows have drapery, make sure to wash those as well. Steam or shampoo your rugs, and put any throw rugs through the washing machine.

The kitchen will require a bit of special attention. Start by cleaning out the fridge and freezer of any expired or unneeded products. Soak your removable fridge parts in warm water and dish soap. When wiping down the inside of the fridge, use natural products; do not use disinfectant or bleach. As for the rest of the kitchen, you should clean and degrease all cooking appliances, along with cleaning all the stovetop burner components.

After your deep cleaning, you should start the decluttering process. Purge your home of anything you don’t need, or anything that doesn’t have significant value to you. For example, unread books and old magazines take up lots of valuable space and detract from more aesthetically appealing parts of your home. A good system is to separate your things into four categories – must-keep, trash, donation/give away, or storage. If there’s a lot in the donations section, consider a garage or yard sale.

Pop of Color

Nothing says spring like bright colors, and thankfully there are many ways to incorporate this into your interior design, from paint, to wallpaper, to furniture, to adornments. Bright colors or pastels work great when they’re placed in contrast to softer, more traditional interior colors like white or beige. In bedrooms, consider painting one wall a bright yellow or pink while keeping the rest of the walls that softer color, and coordinating the rest of the room around that. Some colorful decorative pillows or lampshades would really make that wall stand out!

While floral patterns are always an appealing choice, they are especially so in the springtime to celebrate the welcoming back of the beautiful foliage we missed for the past few months. Think floral comforters for the bedroom, wallpaper for any room, or draperies for windows. If you’re in a particularly DIY mood, think about upholstering a chair or chair seat with your favorite blossoming pattern. Last but not least, flowers themselves are also a perfect touch, whether these are real or artificial.

Open Shelving

A new, stylish, and best of all functional trend this spring is that of open shelves. Let the beauty of your wares be shown off while also having much easier access to your goods! Organize your plates by color and size for an easy aesthetic catch. Put your high-volume cooking and baking items, like flour, sugar, pasta, and cereal, into colorful ceramic containers.  In the bathroom, consider multi-tier open bookshelves to keep towels, bathing accessories, and decorations. For the bedroom, you can use open cube shelves and stack clothes according to color, like creating a rainbow or ombre scheme with your shirts. Floating shelves complement these open cabinetry nicely, so consider installing some of these as well – best of all, they’re quite cost-effective.


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