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Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Asheville Home

Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 12:51PM

Ways to Maximize Storage in Your Asheville Home

There’s nothing worse than not having the luxury of keeping necessary items in your home. Sure, you could rent a storage unit, but that’s an added expense and also requires frequent travel to and from the site. Thankfully, there are better ways.

For instance, your current home has many options for storage that you might not have previously considered. When you outgrow your house (or just need a change), upgrading to a new home in Asheville, North Carolina is a simple and straight-forward process. Read on to discover how you can finally get the storage you need.

Assess Storage Needs

Life in Asheville means access to exciting and adventurous recreation options every day of the year. As you find new hobbies and activities to enjoy, you’ll need extra space to store all your equipment and supplies. So, the first step is to think about what should be stored, as well as viable alternatives.

For instance, some camping equipment can be rented through local Asheville Outfitters. This is a cost-effective way to clear up clutter in your home. You’ll still enjoy weekends immersed in nature without having to find places for your materials when not in use.

Explore Minimalism

If there are items in your home that are never used or even wanted, you could donate them or have a garage sale. This will open new storage space where you can house everything from skiing and hiking equipment, to bedding for guests, art supplies, and much more.  

In recent years, the trend of minimalism has grown substantially. Minimalism is all about living with less, in other words, only keeping items in your home that you absolutely need and want. This is a way of living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions.  Adopting a minimalistic mindset will help you clear your home of items that no longer add value to your life. This can leave you feeling less stressed and provide freed up space to store the items that truly bring you joy!

See Space Everywhere

Storage experts don’t have big, unattainable secrets. They simply know how to make the best use of available space. Harness that prowess by keeping an open mind to storage solutions.

For example, round dining room tables are smaller and more manageable than larger square ones. Mounting televisions and other items on the wall (pots and pans in the kitchen) clears floor and cabinet space for other items.

Stacking items instantly creates extra space. You might also add shelving or stacked wooden crates to keep books, decorations, and other items off the floor. Consider placing a large chest in your living room. This provides aesthetic appeal while doubling as a great storage option for all that snow gear you’ll need easy access to come wintertime.

Seek Dual-Purpose Items

To that end, it’s easy and fun to think of new ways to get the most “bang for your buck” from everyday items. You’ll benefit from the extra space while impressing friends and neighbors with your ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Popular ideas include tables that can also function as desks, sofas that double as beds for guests, even decorative storage cubes that can serve as additional seating (and another table) for visitors. You could also add an old-fashioned pole rack for coats and rainy/cold weather gear. This frees your closets for other uses.

Start with Maximum Space

Though creative, these “hacks” can be avoided altogether when you start fresh with a new residence in the Asheville area that satisfies all your storage needs. Thankfully, with many existing homes to choose from, you’re sure to find one that perfectly matches your needs and desires. The first step is to partner with an outstanding Asheville REALTOR® team committed to delivering stand-out customer experiences, and dedicated to your home buying and selling success.

For years now, we’ve helped countless Western North Carolina residents just like you find their ideal spot in Asheville. Contact us today to learn more about how simple and affordable it is to live in a home that features all the storage, amenities, and life luxuries of which you’ve always dreamed.

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