Adjusting Your House in Asheville for COVID-19

Thu, Jun 04, 2020 at 2:56PM

Adjusting Your House in Asheville for COVID-19

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic that has forced so many of us to stay inside, our homes have become so much more than just the places we live. Our kitchens are our new restaurants, our living rooms are our new movie theaters, our bedrooms are our new offices and classrooms, and the list goes on. It can be a challenge adjusting your house in Asheville to accommodate the many new roles it must fill but we’re here to help with that process! Whether that’s making more cozy and intimate spaces to escape from stress or efficiently using the space you have, continue reading to see how you can make your home the stress-free safe haven you’ve been waiting for.

Introduce Relaxing Elements

The need to take a little break from everything is more necessary than ever now that so many features of our everyday lives are crammed into our home. One of the simplest ways to combat the stress of juggling so many different things is adding objects to your living space that facilitate peace of mind, relaxation, and mood improvement. Some of the most basic but effective choices for this include scented candles, oil diffusers, heated blankets, and salt lamps, all of which are available online and may even already be in your home. Something as simple as purifying the air with fresh scents or relieving muscle tension with a warm wrap is a quick and easy fix to boosting your basic quality of life.

Make Your Space Feel Larger

The square footage of your home unfortunately can’t be changed (without some serious renovations) but there are lots of ways to optimize the layout and the look of your interior to make it seem more spacious than ever before. First, take advantage of furniture with built-in storage such as ottomans, dressers, and armoires so that you can keep your clutter out of sight. Also, don’t push your furniture against walls and instead float it in space, having sight lines of the corners of the room will make it seem bigger. Use varied lighting sources instead of just one overheard light and hang mirrors to reflect that light and illuminate your rooms, making them appear bigger. Finally, pick your wall colors wisely and accentuate each room’s strengths. For example, use darker colors for rooms that receive less light and paint the walls the same color as the ceiling – the fewer seams you have, the better.

Design Privacy

The places we rely on for comfort and safety are now being used for many other purposes which can compromise our ability to find peace there. With that being said, you can still carve out spaces within your home to better handle any stress. Find a spot with a view, such as a window or something overlooking your space, to help relax even inside of your home. Additionally, create divisions between your desired safe space and any distractions within your home, such as the television, by using a piece of furniture like a bookcase or table. Furthermore, you can establish a personal office of sorts in any kind of space, whether that’s your closet or garage, with a fold-up chair and anything that can work as a desk. Even if this doesn’t entirely isolate you from the noise and distractions of everything else happening at home, you can give the “do not disturb” signal by facing your seating away from the rest of the room.

No matter what size of home you have, it’s still possible to implement changes that will help it feel bigger and create some much-needed privacy for yourself. If you’ve already stretched your space to its limits and still want a little more, contact us, the number one Asheville NC realtor, today!

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