Things to Know About the Music Scene Near Asheville North Carolina Homes

Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 10:26AM

Things to Know About the Music Scene Near Asheville North Carolina Homes

If you have a passion for music – whether that means rock, jazz, country, rap, punk, bluegrass, or something else entirely – you’re bound to find the sound you’re looking for in Asheville, North Carolina. The city often draws comparisons to the likes of Nashville, Tennessee, and Austin, Texas, for its flourishing sense of musical culture. If you’re dreaming of an Asheville visit – or are searching for Asheville North Carolina homes for sale to settle down and jam with like-minded musicians – here’s some things you might like to know about the Asheville music scene.

Local Talent Abounds

Asheville is an artsy community in every way – and while this is readily apparent in the visual arts with the many galleries found across the vibrant River Arts District, it’s also true when it comes to local music. Plenty of artists call Asheville home and contribute their talents to the unique sounds of the city. You can find music in plenty of unusual spots – from buskers on every street corner, to festivals, to venues (like the popular Orange Peel or the quirky Odditorium) for every taste. With places and events to host fresh local music of every genre, you’ll never get bored of the same old tunes on repeat. Like many places around the world, Asheville’s venues have been feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated show cancellations – so it’s definitely worthwhile to visit their websites to check out ways that you can help support these businesses until it’s time to re-open their stages once again.

Bluegrass is Big

If you’re looking for a defining sound of Asheville, you’ll notice that the city’s roots are in bluegrass and Americana – which isn’t surprising for a city nestled in the Appalachian Mountains region. If you’re not already familiar with the genre, bluegrass take influence from traditional English, Scottish, and Irish music, as well as from African-American blues and jazz. It also emphasizes acoustic string instruments, like guitars, banjos, and fiddles, and involves some improvisation. Your toes will be tapping as you enjoy this music style that traces back to America’s roots.

… But There’s Something For Everyone

While bluegrass might be an obvious choice, there’s music for every ear in Asheville. From funk to metal and everything in-between, independent musicians and local bands thrive in Asheville and have faithful followings. Even with social-distancing restrictions, bands are often streaming concerts and finding creative ways to play in the area.

Plenty of local record shops, like Harvest Records or Voltage Records, are good places to find new listening opportunities. Or, if you’re looking to steep yourself in high culture, there’s plenty for you, as well. Asheville is also home to the Asheville Lyric Opera – a professional opera company that mixes classic with experimental performances. You can also enjoy a concert from the Asheville Symphony, an orchestra founded in 1960.

Even Electronic Music Has History Here

This one might be a bit unexpected – but Asheville also has ties to the history of electronic music! Robert Moog, a pioneer of the genre and inventor of the first commercial synthesizer, was a famous Asheville resident, and the city honors his legacy to this day. It’s also the location of the Moog Factory – where electronic musical instruments are assembled and factory tours are offered to visitors who are interested in seeing the process. It’s incredibly interesting to see how Asheville’s acoustic, traditional roots still mesh perfectly with the musical technology of the present.

Find the Perfect Home for the Music-Obsessed

If all this local music history excites you, we have good news – you might just be a future Asheville resident. If you think it’s the right time to make your move to North Carolina and join in on all the wonderful sounds of the city, the Troy Flack Group is here to help you find the perfect place to put down roots. As the trusted name in Asheville real estate, we’re here to help you every step of the way while you find your perfect North Carolina lifestyle. Contact us today to get started!

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