The Pet-Friendly Amenities You Should Have in Your Asheville Home

Tue, Jul 30, 2019 at 4:05PM

The Pet-Friendly Amenities You Should Have in Your Asheville Home

Asheville, North Carolina is an ideal spot for dog lovers. While the city certainly boasts plenty of pet-friendly spots, you most likely want your Asheville home to be a welcoming space for your four-legged friend as well. Today, more than ever, people are keeping their beloved pets in mind when choosing and making decisions for their home.

If you’ve recently moved into a new home in Asheville or you’re looking for your next pet-friendly abode, there are a few tips that may help you make your home an oasis for all walks of life. Just read on to discover our favorite ways you can make your home the ultimate pet-friendly haven.

Set Aside a Designated Room

While reserving an entire room to your pet may sound extreme, we recommend that there should be a multipurpose room in your home that is designated to your pet along with other uses. A great room to use for this is the laundry room. The laundry room is often a smalller space within the home that can double as a storage room and the perfect spot for Fido. This is a space that can house your pet’s bed, food and water dishes, and other supplies. Designate an area or corner of the room where your pet can retreat to at any time.

Look for a Mudroom

If you’re in the market for a new Asheville home, consider looking for a home with a mudroom. This space will also prove very beneficial if you have young children. Here is where you can welcome in kids and dogs from their backyard adventures with a place to remove outdoor clothing and dirty shoes. This space is also the perfect solution to backyard days enjoyed by your pooch as you can use it to clean muddy paws. The mudroom is a great location to install a dog-specific shower/washing station. Here, you can wash your pet off with ease and avoid those muddy paw prints throughout your home, plus less trips to the groomer!

Bring In Natural Light

Dogs and cats alike love to let the light in and enjoy sunbathing by the window. They also love having a good view of the surrounding landscape as they relax indoors. When selecting a home or the perfect space for your pet, opt for a home with large, low lying windows so your pet can enjoy watching the world go by and sunbathe comfortably from the safety of your home. Natural light in homes is also proven to improve human mood and health!

Go for Easy Outdoor Access

Pets love being able to spend time outdoors and living in Asheville provides great weather for pets in the warmer months. As a pet owner, you know that letting your four-legged friend in and out of the house is already part of your daily routine. To improve the quality of outdoor life for both you and your pet, consider installing a dog or cat door into your existing or future home. This new installation will allow your pet the freedom to exit and enter the home as he or she pleases, plus you’ll spend less time letting them in and out.

Opt for a Screened-In Porch

As mentioned previously, pets love spending time outside and observing the world around them. A screened-in porch is a great addition to any pet-loving home. This space will allow your pet the freedom of spending time outside without having to worry about them running off or having a run in with uninvited wildlife. Cats especially will love observing the nature and exploring the space. Add plenty of pet-friendly plants to give the space a more natural feel. A screened-in porch provides the perfect space for you and your pet to enjoy together!

If you’re frustrated with your current residence and don’t have the ability to give your beloved pet the space and amenities he or she deserves, consider upgrading to a more pet-friendly home in Asheville. The process starts with choosing an Asheville real estate team that understands your wants and needs. Here at Troy Flack Group, our motto is “Reinventing Real Estate, It’s About You!”. We want you to be beyond pleased with the residence you choose and we will work tirelessly to find you the Asheville home of your dreams. Contact us today with any questions you have and we would be thrilled to help you move forward in the selling and buying process!

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