Sustainable Asheville: Local Businesses that Keep Sustainability in Mind

Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 9:41AM

Sustainable Asheville: Local Businesses that Keep Sustainability in Mind

Asheville, North Carolina, is one of the many cities throughout the nation that takes its sustainability and conservation efforts seriously. The people of Asheville value their natural resources and make it their duty to do what they can to preserve the environment through eco-friendly practices. 

To that end, these are just a few businesses that operate in Asheville with sustainability in mind:

Fiddlehead Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Fiddlehead offers professional cleaning services for apartments and houses throughout Asheville that are unique in that they entirely focus on using environment-friendly cleaning supplies. Fiddlehead recognizes that essential oils and other natural products are just as effective in killing bacteria and removing dirt as chemical byproducts are.

Fiddlehead pledges to use all-natural products in cleaning any home or business, and by eliminating the need and use of toxic chemical cleaning solutions, the company works to protect your household and your neighborhood. 

Since their products come from natural sources, they maintain a self-sustaining business that doesn’t rely on the use of limited resources.

The Lobster Trap

If you have made an effort to create an eco-friendly home or plan to look for such houses in Asheville, you’ll also want to look for small businesses in Asheville that take sustainability seriously. 

You’ll find great seafood and a sustainable business practice when you visit The Lobster Trap. Founded by two lifelong friends, this restaurant only serves the seafood that Captain Tom, one half of the team, catches with his own fishing boat.

In addition to lobster, Captain Tom sends domestic oysters, mussels, crabs, fish, and clams to Amy, his business partner, who takes the catches and uses her culinary talents to create tantalizing seafood meals. The Lobster Trap’s customers love their menu and feel good about eating at a restaurant that cares about the local environment.

Asheville Print Shop & Screenprinting

A locally-owned business, the Asheville Print Shop provides printing services and offers screenprinting for the customization of T-shirts and other apparel. However, they also recognize that this type of business can produce unnecessary waste, so to provide quality service while pursuing sustainable practices, they use natural and recycled products. 

If you’re selling houses in Asheville and need flyers printed, they will also take care of printing your pages on recycled paper. When ordering screenprinting, they can customize clothing made from renewable materials such as cotton, hemp, or bamboo.

Green Sage Cafe

As you explore Asheville’s great neighborhoods, keep an eye out for this little cafe. They promote eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy practices, starting by serving organic food that has been grown without chemical pesticides. Even their serving bowls come from plant-based products.

They offer vegan and gluten-free products to ensure they can meet any customer’s dietary needs, and the cafe donates ten cents to Asheville GreenWorks each time a customer returns a water bottle or coffee mug to further encourage sustainability in the community.

Blue Planet Plumbing

If you have a plumbing problem with your Asheville, NC, real estate, Blue Planet Plumbing will fix it for you without increasing your carbon footprint. In providing their services, they do everything they can to reduce water waste while also pledging to avoid the use of caustic chemical products in your home.

Blue Planet Plumbing also educates its customers about increasing water and energy efficiency, recommending hybrid water heaters that reduce the use of those limited resources. Their sustainability practices help Asheville residents save more money on monthly utility costs.

Eco Pest Solutions

Did you know that you can make your home less hospitable to insects and rodents without the use of hazardous chemicals? It’s the basis of the service that Eco Pest Solutions provides. They use non-toxic substances to clear out infestations so you can maintain a pest-free home without harming the local ecosystem.

Larry Spears, the owner of Eco Pest Solutions, has been personally involved in pest control for more than two decades, and his team will help you reduce access points for pests to enter your home. 

They will also find more ways for you to control the presence of insects and rodents safely and naturally, and they offer free estimates to help new customers learn more about their sustainable and effective pest control services.

Every Effort Matters

Even if you don’t own a business in Asheville, you can do your part in conserving resources. Look for small things you can do, such as switching to LED light bulbs and eliminating single-use plastics in your home. While these changes may seem small, your effort will help reduce waste, and you’ll use local resources more efficiently.


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