Mountain Views

Experience the majesty of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Asheville sits at the heart of a mountain escape, a region whose vibrant peaks and valleys fade into a dreamy, hazy blue—a famous phenomenon which gives the Blue Ridge Mountains their name.

Here, you never need to travel far to see the majestic mountains. They serve as part of the everyday landscape, and the view can be enjoyed as easily from downtown haunts as it can from scenic overlooks or your very own backyard. Even everyday drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway turn into special occasions of their own, marked by the beauty of the mountains and foliage that swirls into vibrant orange, yellow and red with the arrival of fall.

While mountains are a mainstay of Asheville, there are still ample opportunities to get away from it all and enjoy them with fresh eyes. Go camping at Lake Powhatan or explore the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area for trips you won’t soon forget—even though you’re just minutes from home.

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Mountain Views