Get to know a Southern town with spunk

Asheville offers residents the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds—the Southern hospitality of its mountain setting, and the vibrant charm of a growing arts and culture scene.

An emphasis on fresh, locally-grown food pervades the city—lending itself to restaurants and hole-in-the-wall digs with dining experiences you won’t soon forget. The Downtown Art District is vibrant and effortlessly cool, with bold facades and galleries to visit that lend Asheville a truly cosmopolitan air.

A lively local music scene serves an eclectic variety of tastes—while many local musicians use the mountains as their muse for classic Southern songs, you will not be hard-pressed to find modern medleys and genre fusions throughout the city’s local clubs and live music cafes.   

And of course, Asheville’s outdoor culture cannot be overlooked. With such prime access to on-the-water activities, camping the Blue Ridge Mountains or even exploring west toward the Smokies, there is an undeniable spirit of exploration among Asheville’s residents: a desire to do more, see more and take the scenic route all the while.

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